Back to kpop?

Gotta admit, somehow lately I haven’t watched any dramas or enjoyed new releases in kpop. I believe it’s something to do with having a baby and keeping up with being a full time mom and student. And wifey. However… These two just snapped my attention.

1. Shinhwa – Sniper.

Aww, man. Their teaser was just ahh. Even my hubby liked it(!!!). The song itself was not so good due sometimes awkwardy feeling rap. Nonetheless, Hyesung’s singing sounds like sugar coated lullaby to my ears. I could listen to it alllll day long.

2. MFBTY – Bangd Digity Bang


I even set up it as my ring tone. I think that tells all the feels I have about this song. Once again – my hubby liked it as well.. until I played it like 50 times in a row. Music video is something fresh as well. Also, for once the english parts are not awkward or incorrectly pronounced. Really, this is one of my favourite songs of all time. Really. I’m gonna listen to it now. Yes, again and again. And again.. or some 2PM.


Saturday’s blabber

So, I had the idea of starting a column –

Saturday’s blabber•

My sociology exam is coming up and what am I doing?

Of course, surfing through KBS official youtube channel. Those guys upload video with official English subs. It’s like heaven for international fans – HD and no fear of the video disappearing… 

Speaking of disappearing videos.. MBLAQ recently were guests on SNL. And let me tell you.. those guys nailed it. I was laughing so hard for straight for more than 10 minutes, my housemate even had to come and check up on me. I was that loud. Anyway, videos with English subs on youtube are being taken down../so saaaaad/ But vimeo still has them so…

Basically they are making fun of themselves.

As in Seungho saying that he is not THE YoSeungHo(actor – God of Study, Arang and the Magistrate, the guy netizens are praisinng for going in army so early) and even though he is the leader – no one knows he is in mblaq

Lee Joon says that he is the ballet dancing man but has lost his love due to WGM – which is funny because WGM sounds like Oh Girl – so he is saying Oh Girl/WGM I lost my love because of you..

Mir is laughing back at his back injury and his leaving on Real Men.

G.O makes fun of his name and says that he is famous… for his bad acting 😀

Thunder as expected – Noona love 😀

Check these other videos as well – thunder being cute beyond control, group work shown perfectly and Black Swan.. for which I have no words, and not that you need those subs anywy… GO SEE IT!

Congratulations on EXO’s 1st and 2nd win. If every band had a dedicated fans like that.. sorry, but then the music scene would be a complete mess. Once again not hating on EXO.. it’s just that song is so bad, even fans themselves admit that. I really cannot justify winning like that.

Oh my, oh my. I hear your voice and Monstar are winning me over. Monstar is just climbing up those drama favorite stairs like no rest.This 5th episode was great. Even though it has all the usual elements which I already guessed along the way – I still enjoy it. And here’s my secret – I hope that Seol Chan won’t end up with Se Yi and Se Yi won’t with Sun Woo. maybe my feelings will change. + You gotta blame those previews for next week’s show. Listen to this awesomeness

And IHYV.. darrrn, that drama is so good. Every dramie out there should at least check it out. I really cannot wait how they will play with the murder and cases and all that love in air. I have too many OTP’s for this one.

On a more personal note – my little(not so little) brother is graduating from middle school today. And sadly because I am studying in a different country, I cannot be there. But I have two more brothers and a I will probably will get fed up with that 😀 Nevertheless –

Congratulations, Bro! I miss you 🙂

Ouh and yes. I finally saw the F&F6 and let me tell you – I WAS SO FCng mad. *Spoilers* They killed of Gisele..and the next movie will be based on someone who kills Han in the beginning.*

I was really, really mad. And then I remebered how J.K killed Fred and Tonks, and Remus. Not my happiest afternoon.

I should probably get some fresh air.

Why don’t you tell me something about your week? 🙂

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EyK KMM – exo wolf?//hidden jewels

njah, I so am not happy with their choice.

WARNING: video overload!


I am not hating on EXO or EYK right now, it’s just that VIXX’s Hyde deserved to be reviewed. And the actual KMM was not that great either, they tried to make it fun but imagine all the fun stuff they could have done with Hyde? Just look  at it –


So after that I went on kpop charts to see what else was there.. I mean even though Henry was in a box also – even there was a bigger space for creative floozies. I do understand that EXO has crazy amount of fans but common!

So if SM releases drama version there is possibility that other videos might be overlooked?//The other day I stumbled upon SJ Mr. Simple teaser – this one –

and look what they did with the actual MV. SM trolls might be at it once again. Really guys, so disappointed.

I did go on through pages on kpop charts and guess what? I think any of these songs are better than Wolf…[found dead in her bed after 3min of publishing this post]

1st choice –

Icy Cider – Art people

This is almost the perfect party song, the only thing missing is that no one would be able to sing along with it [props to Wolf]. It has all those synthetic sounds without overdoing it and the guitar?Yum.

The video is cheesy as well except not exo/sm cheesy but quirky cheesy which is waaaay more fun. They are in a box as well and you know what? They were just having a great time and that’s what made this video so awesome.

I really really really like this song. And video.

2nd choice

A bit different.. okay, a looot

Broken Valentine – Aluminuim

Ah, this is sooo goood, especially the ending with only instruments playing – that was truly an eargasm. I cannot get over the fact how classically  beautiful this song truly is.

Speaking of beautiful – the soloist. Yum. And the drummer? I go for the drummers usually, just this time they did not show the guy in close-up almost none of the time. Still, probably yum.

3rd choice

Okay, there is a pattern.. this one is rap ballad.. i guess.

I love how they did the whole video in one-go. It somehow really fit the song. With all the props – random people and stills – it was not boring. Once again – it all came together really well. The song it self is somewhat soothing. Reminds me just a bit of Leesang :]

//what is with all the flower pots on the road? that cannot be safe?//

I know, i know everyone’s taste differs and still, so dissappointed. Ah.

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Currently watching

The hardcore kdrama monstAr[see what I did there?? I am, right now I am watching/following only 2 dramas. There has been a time when I was immersed with 5 at the same time. Partly because my exams are due, and this semester they are quite complicated, partly because I just couldn’t commit myself:

  • You’re the best LeeSooShin – I so wanted to watch this but that manyāh. Thank you dramabeans for recaps, at least I somehow follow
  • Dating agency Cyrano – even all the eye candy is not enough for me to watch it. I did watch the 1st episode and still. Maybe some time later.
  • Gu family Book – haha, I really like LeeSeungGi and yet somehow I did not jump on the bandwagon. I generally like these types of drama but this one somehow did not catch my eye. Have no idea who is to fault for that

Sooooo, the ones that finally did that?

tvn’s drama MONSTAR


The cast is quite good, most of them are known actors with a few exceptions. Altogether they do a quite good job in terms of character chemistry. The music-follow’ups are to my taste as well. On one hand I am sad that there will be only 12 episodes, on the other that might not ruin the show by trying to pull it for more episodes. It is the perfect balance of easy yet quite serious drama. Bullying, idol’s life, loss of a parent, loneliness, random perverts who might not be perverts.

This all comes together really well. The show makes you sad for those who are suffering and cheering for the ones who are trying to battle it through.


I hear your voice


Quite randomly tuned in and now I am all fours for it.

A bit of supernatural – the main guy can hear other’s thoughts when looking into eyes, heroine who lost herself [my prediction is that that will change], Noona love, fates intervened, awesomely cute guys, villains who might not be so bad… The show is only on it’s 2nd episode so who knows what else there is to come.

I like that they put story on it’s feet without rushing or overdoing it. I think this will be quite the fun ride – with going up and down, cannot wait 🙂

What are you watching right now? Do you have any you have skipped even though all the world seems to be watching?

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That moment when some random dude just overtakes one of your bias list. Any little thing can trigger that. I am a sucker for embarrassing moments when someone fails and is looking cute and almost annoyed that he just did that to himself.[khh, yeye,khhm, dubu, kkhhhm,dongwoo, khhhm]

Like the glory of tumblr dashboard, which is probably created for us, already in different universe living fangirls, to just see/listen to/meet new gorgeous korean[asian] men who basically take over our lives. And blog. And phone. And conversations with friends.

I am living together with a girl who knew nothing about kpop. Now she knows about it.

She even recognizes the music, can sing along, KNOWS how my bias looks like, what’s he’s up to, what rookie group is debuting now, what scandals are flaring in netizen world.

Does she like it? No, but she’s a good friend and she likes me. She even promised to go to South Korea and snatch my husbands for me. Yes, husbands, because who has one?

See, not only those little monstars sneak into our lives, they somehow infiltrate themselves to people around us. 

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